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Sep 21, 2012 9:00am EDT
or a store or some sort of commerce. >> they talk about first strike advantage. we were discussing online today google trucks who go through the streets and take pictures of street views. there was one in our neighborhood the other day. google has had a lot of time to not only refine their images, but their algorithms, right? so you can put in -- snet of for monte brothers, you put in bros and it's going to find it for you, jim. >> i love the way my house in summit looks on google. >> is it bigger? >> truly, you might say it's bigger. remember that? >> yes. how can i forget? >> the place i have in mexico, it has three angles, i found in my irish public book they directed me to some of the best publics and i was never lost once. that's my kind of device. >> it is. now you're going to get to the eiffel tower. >> in ireland. >> it's going work out well for you. >> it's a lingering question, though. there's no question that the demand for the iphone 5 is strong. there's a question about whether people will be satisfied because of the lcd sources, sharp was one of the three suppliers of the lc
Sep 17, 2012 9:00am EDT
is this. >> our customers are in several vert kls like social gaming, e-commerce, financial services and travel. i can only speak to the verticals in which we've participated. but we're seeing great success. especially in e-commerce with companies like we're competing against google head to head with facebook and we're performing. and our ad spend, which is our fees, becomes ultimately our revenue is based entirely on that performance. you see our ad spend go down if we're not performing. >> when gm comes out and says it wasn't working for them, execution on their part? how does that disconnect s? >> you need to have the right creative. message, format of the ad. you need to have the right targeting. and you need optimization. facebook gives you so many ways to target. you could have thousands and thousands of combinations of creative and targeting. how do you know which one to bid up, bid down. you need software like ours. it's execution. >> gm, we knew in-house their advertising process was a little troubled. but you think they might have been blaming the wrong person? >>
Sep 18, 2012 9:00am EDT
saying is fedex is really bad, and fedex being a met for for worldwide commerce. >> right. to carl's point it seems it is a metaphor of worldwide commerce which is a reflection of growth and it doesn't seem to be telling us anything particularly good. >> an analogue, a met a more, or a s asimply. >> let's do it all. >> we certainly see it in terms of the impact on ups as well. at the same time, jim, could this, in fact, be the buying opportunity on this time on the pullback ahead of the fourth quarter which is traditionally strong? i mean that is the cycle. if you believe consumers are going to be okay and they're going to buy and ship things to other family members around the world, maybe this your opportunity to get in on the stock on the pullback. >> those who did that last time made money. it went from 85, bounces to 90. i wouldn't be surprised if by tomorrow people say, you know what? this is my play. now the expectations are lowered. the expectations are so low this is no longer factoring in the apple iphone 5. >> so let me factor in another layer of questioning. that is fede
Sep 6, 2012 9:00am EDT
for the company? is this the reaping for all of the things they have sown over the past few years? >> e-commerce is only 20% and amazon is forward position for that. i think it is early as far as retailers are concerned and i think the heavy investments over the past two, three years, you're starting to reap the benefits of that. you're seeing that in the financial results more so in the top line but i think you will see that in the back half of 2013 when you start to see margin expansion. >> are your target is 400. >> it is 400. >> and, aaron, do you feel the same way? >> we have a market perform right now. we do like the fundamental outlook for amazon although it is currently 70 times or 2013 earnings and we think it is pricey a lot of the positives at these levels so we would wait for a lower entry point. >> valuation a concern at all. >> right now the stock is trading 26 times cash multiple and grows loes to 40% so trading at diskupter free cash flow growth so not a concern for me. i think amazon is in the position as i said in terms of e-commerce. you have seen it being transformational and
Sep 20, 2012 9:00am EDT
curve. online travel is a very large category. bigger than any other online e-commerce category combined. we're very focused on being the best place to plan and book travel. we've had a lot of success. we're established with over 100 million queries per month. we're fewer than 200 people. we innovate as well. a great place to be. >> one of the things that plagues you, will plague people about thinking of owning your shares longer terms, the question of google. it always comes up in interviews. they bought ita. therefore they own the company through which a lot of you are operating. we know that. that said, how have you learned to tell the story in a different way that reassures investors? because clearly that's what's happening here. it was in the s-1. now you're telling the story in a different way. >> i think google's got their hands full with apple and facebook and amazon and microsoft. >> they've got pretty big hands. >> they do have big hands. we've been competing with google since our inception. they're actually good partners of ours as well. they've had their flight search and the
Sep 12, 2012 9:00am EDT
to a lot of bank stocks, including the commerce bank, italy's unicredit. the news also sending bond yields a little bit lower here. the spanish two-year, take a look at 2921, and the euro having a good week as the shorts continue to get steered out of that position. eu euros a little over 1.29, the netherlands where a general election is underway. that being seen as a test of whether europeans will, in fact, embrace an austerity-lead unionization. >>> speaking of which, let's get to michelle caruso-cabrera who is live in madrid with why on spain may soon ask for a bailout. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: hey there, carl, good morning to you. this morning, the prime minister of spain indicated that he might go to the ecb and ask for their help in lowering interest rates. it's not actually a full-on bailout, but it is something close to it. if you'll recall, back in the last week, he offered countries two choices, you can go get a full bailout, that's fine, or that's something like greece has. you get money, need that money to pay your bills, needs that to make payroll and pay for gover
Sep 19, 2012 9:00am EDT
and there was even talk from a china researcher tied to the ministry of commerce that perhaps china should actually jump jgbs, japan government bonds n order to enact some sort of sanction. >> it's a frightening prospect. of course, it's something we've often heard when we talk about relations between u.s. and china given how much debt china also holds and if you do that, you hurt yourself if you're chinese because the value goes down. japan has no shortage of issues on the largest context. my friend has been on many times and hopefully will be on again in a few weeks. we'll have him talking about japan and the keynesian end point when they get to that point, in his opinion, at least, revenues don't even meet. tax revenues don't even meet debt payments. it's not that far off. others say it is nonsense and they have proved at least the critics wrong for a while. >> a lot of questions about whether or not whether or not this will be how it will end with bernanke. this one with demographic issues like japan's, testing the relationship with china. it's not unthinkable that ten years from now the prospe
Sep 27, 2012 9:00am EDT
phone encrypted and protected with passwords. we think this is something that is just like e-commerce. it took a few years for people to feel comfortable with that. we think the more time, it will take people to realize that it is safer than carrying a normal wallet. >> let's talk about what is in it for lemon. how do you make your money? 50i78 assuming at some point you have to charge a business a subscription fee? how is revenue generated? >> right now, the service is free. we have it, a subscription with extra premium features for people who need very specific services. the way we see ourselves making money in the long-term is because we think the wallet is a very natural way for friends to connect with consumers. when it's at the right time and at the right place and in the right moment. >> apple, obviously, when they launched their new operating system chose not to do what they call nearfield communications, at least right now, which some say would have rocketed this whole sector even more than it already has been. were you disappointed by that? and do they almost have to do that
Sep 7, 2012 9:00am EDT
tech. and the degree to which it can move into other areas of vi industry and commerce and absolutely devastate what already exists there and how many hundreds of companies are under threat. for example, the hotel industry is petrified as to how google develops its travel search capabilities and the sort of economic model that it decides it will impose on the rest of the industry because it's so dominant. this is not just a pandora story. this is going to be replicated time and time again, isn't it? >> yeah. go back to what's going on in maps. there's lots of -- when you're looking at all these worlds colliding and how these devices, meaning phones, smartphones, tablets, these are becoming the central driver of your life. people are using computers, less people are watching tv. these devices are taking over more and more functions of your daily life. as they do that, the idea is, why don't you want to control more of the services that flow every day over these devices when you know how to deliver a great user experience? and so this isn't apple saying, we want to make lots of money in
Sep 10, 2012 9:00am EDT
markets relatively flat in europe overall. still some of the banks have rallied. commerce bank, deutsche bank, of course, tomorrow is going -- where the two co-ceos lay out strategy. that's important for people in new york disgruntled that the libor scandal hit there. an important one to watch tomorrow. we've spoken a lot about china on the program today. see some of those mining stocks rising in london. they are off earlier highs. greece is getting very interesting. troika arrived in athens over the weekend and rejected the $12 billion -- 12 billion euros of cuts on the ground there from the coalition party. the negotiations appear quite tense there. what is interesting, and this may have to do with the sort of comments we had out of the germans again over the weekend suggesting that a greek exit from the eurozone is not palatable, not what berlin wants. it's the degree to which some of the greek stocks again today have rallied. again, off our highs. the national bank of greece has done well. a lot of the banks in greece are doing well as people get more optimistic about the stability o
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10